Saturday, 22 October 2011

20th century's jobs

 good artists copy, great artists steal.

steve jobs quoted from a renaissance artist, pablo picasso, although in other version it said "bad artists copy, good artists steal". Nevertheless, it's still in the same meaning, which justify stealing as a way to the goodness--or in other quotes version--greatness.

It's about two weeks since steve jobs, ex-CEO of apple inc (or i'd rather to call him an inventor) died, surrendered to his pancreatic cancer and people around the world (especially in a big city, unless farmer in third-world country use ipad to decide the harvest time of their crops, let's call the app 'iHarvest') offer their condolences of their losing such a 'living-inspirator'.

Curious with this 'jobs-ism', let me googled around him, watch former keynotes from him, and found interesting jobs-ography from a film called 'pirates of silicon valley' at comments by an apple-freak below a youtube job's keynote videos. Well as i knew a porn film titled 'pirates', 'silicon' thing, and 'valley' or 'twin hills' thing. But i sweared it's not a porn--wait for it--ography.

Spoiler alert.
Seriously. It's rock. skip to the unitalic words below. 
I told you.

Like other based-on-true-story film, which i always interested in, it doesn't need much time to get to know this about a competition between steve jobs and his staff yet his life-time competitor, bill gates. So funny looked the way they live at dorm : Bill 'king of poker' gates and steve 'peace-mind-chaser' jobs. An unexposed life story, tell how (luckily) normal their college life, though gates win many 'nerd points' over jobs. at least, that's shown at the movie.
it's started when steve jobs and his bro, Steve Wozniak started working to translate kind of 'code' (? well correct me since i'm not informatics geek) to translate the former kind-of-simple-program code into user-friendly code, at jobs's garage. they sold their first product, apple (I). and so on with apple II then lisa (named after his ex-girlfriend's claimed biological daughter with him). they're invented a personal computer. 
on the other scene, there's bill gates (shown as typical nerd) with his pals has a same passion with jobs, make the user-friendly computer. that's barely shown how gates envy with jobs's apple crowded stand at a computer exhibition where he open a stand too. 
apple become undoubtedly a real inventor when used 'mouse' for PC at the first time. they steal the technology from Xerox, and at this scene jobs quoted Picasso's , "good artists copy, great artists steal". 
Gates and his company joined apple while then they re-steal the apple graphic technology for his microsoft. everything's completely ruined for jobs when he fired by CEO he has chosen for his company founded.
the ending has shown that jobs stand on a keynote while a hall-size of gates face welcoming jobs's thanks for lent him US$ 150,000,000 Microsoft's investments at apple. 
the movie released at 1999, so there's no such a reborn of apple led by steve jobs while he started a pack of ciggarette shaped mp3 player called iPod. so the ending is for gates. 


so the movie get us to know about half life of jobs. a half of great life. 

right after his comeback to apple, jobs made revolution on entire music industry by developed iPod and iTunes. apple also crafted (i would like to say 'crafted' to creating of apple product due to their artsy design) macbook and macbook pro (a pioneer of multi-gesture trackpad), iPhone (a pioneer (too) of new era of smartphone), and the latest, iPad (the 'thing' that compared with a stone at first release, but now, others followed)

for every joy of a song from iPod. for an hour deadline-work saved by better battery life of macbook pro. for a love of childhood memories saved after watch toys story. for a sweet moment between a dad an his son by their FaceTime. for a simple voice-generated agenda now available for a blind. for delivering soul to the products.

thank you steve. i've never see a great men live in my generation. muhammad, sukarno, tan malaka, churchill, lenin, or even kennedy passed away before i open my eyes. you've shown it little to my generation. thanks

*well i wrote it all in english heh? good job rizqy. and pardon for mis-grammar 

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