Tuesday, 16 April 2013

kids, april 2013...

august 2006. gku barat, institut teknologi bandung. bandung.

that's my first calculus class and i declared myself as a new me. look back to my highschool past and all that i've got is just one punch to be a better man at college. i got a seat in random chair, looking for someone new to be friend. i got 2 random lads, ujet and lilis. than i claimed them as my 'circle' as i know they're bandungese--that at the time i acknowledge bandungese should be 'rock n roll' mates.

as i am the director of my whole life, i see some 'attention-seeker' (caper) at the class as they're seems like to be make a loud joke to exclaim their 'existence' or just make hot girls chuckle, don't like them. they are timi and iqbal, and one civil student and two ocean eng. student. well i won't be a type that will come to them to be fun and 'accepted' at community. haha shame on man seeking friendship that way. i don't know but anyway we're being a good company day by day.

next days you have a crush with 'that girl' and we bully you for buy the gift (stupid enough for that expensive cat book, ooh), and we celebrate your first-crush-greet in pizza hut. rubbish moment at aum. never forget those fuckin moment when you all manipulate clock to 6 when i've fell asleep only for half hour then i can complete my pre-paper for chemistry practicum within half hour. one of the rarest power of pressure i've got! well a lot of things have passed. pmb 2007, kaderisasi hms, pelantikan. those moment when you're owned by 'them' and we're 'not with you'. oh ya fluid mechanic paper, that make you act like 'near to death to done all of that shit by yourself' and accuse me, timi, and vincen for uncooperative. no worry, we still see that as a joke. same as when you tell us for fell asleep when folding clothes, for a reason to not to come (c'mon, folding clothes!). we're just see that you have 'undefined sense of humour'. we also see how you adore an ex-crush when extremely curse her after fail. alright, all men do. bp 2009, well at least we're (again, not two of us) sleep together and talking trashy thing, men stuffs. smoke. coffee. night. well time flies that you graduated.

we realised how different life after graduate and how important 'career status' that made you dissapear from everyone (you don't need to tell me that your facebook has error, that we've seen that you're deactivated). then you got your dream jobs (perhaps). really happy for that. as we can have free dinner and drink just to bring our boss. and we know how small the money you spent for that, sorry for less appreciate to you, then.

april 2013. so we have known each other for almost 7 years. it's like we're on season 7 for your story tell your kids how you met their mother, end of series. of course you can tell them their uncle rizgan are the most valuable single at the time. sad, but true, their uncle rizgan was not able to come to their parents wedding. but let them know that i really happy for you. it's your happiness anyway but i just want sometimes you know that i'm that happy, mate. happiness is simple, you said.

god bless you two.

canberra, autumn 2013.